make believe decorating

I often fantasize about how I would decorate my home if I had a home that was all mine. I have great roommates but I've had so many over the years and its gotten me in the habit of just putting time and energy into making my own two rooms in the apartment look nice. All of my favorite art and beloved plants take up space here. But one day I'll have a place to call my very own and I can't wait to start decorating it. I've picked out hundreds of different color schemes for the walls, fabrics for the curtains I'll make, plates, and furniture, this non-existent place has been renovated a million times already.

I like knick knacs, as much as I try to clear the clutter from my life I can not deny this fact. I like little things that serve no purpose but to look at and make one smile or remember. Which is why I'm drawn to the funny little creatures in The Runny Bunny's Etsy shop. I especially love the hybrid section of the shop which gathers the lambs with bunny heads, or bunnies with ladies torso's. They are totally creepy but also delightful and ancient feeling. I'll have several of them on a shelf somewhere in my new house.

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jennifer said...

i've always loved those hybrid creatures too!