texting with feeling

With all of the fancy new technology in our lives I'm constantly fascinated by how we communicate today. i miss letters, but I also love twitter and the convenience of texting. I feel closer to people I wouldn't know as well if it wasn't for blogging and twitter and keep up with old friends and acquaintances I probably wouldn't even remember if it weren't for facebook. while I am an active and happy participant in all of it, i appreciate artists and crafters commentaries on these new ways we communicate and connect.

I loved these 20 embroidered text messages by Ginger Anyhow.

I also really love the animated version (or virtual 3-d simulation as she calls it) of falling asleep while watching a dvd, also by Ginger. So brilliant, I hate it when that happens!

Ginger's texting project also reminded me of the embroidered blog that Rachel posted about on Craft.

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Prêt à Voyager said...

very clever. these made me laugh.


p.s. i still am a fan of old school snail mail!!!