The Prettiest Blue Ever.

Tomorrow Susan over at West Coast Crafty is going to post my craft piece that was on SFist. Regardless of my piece, you should go over and check her blog out, she's one of my favorite crafty blog writers.

Also I'm totally taken with this brand new color of duct tape I got recently. It's this lovely shade of blue and I can't stand how good every color looks with it. I'm sort of obsessing over it with pink and white right now, how juicy is this blue?


jj said...

that's what i like to call "robin's egg blue." in case you care. i like it too.

Jean said...

Do you know that duct tape is not only bad at, but actually catastrophic for fixing ducts? Just wanted to make sure you knew.

t. said...

Didn't know that. Good thing I use it for wallets and not to fix ducts!