This is my brother and I sometime in the eighties. I like to think we did not dress ourselves back then, but I'm sure I was in love with that horrid dress and I bet he thought he looked sharp in that sweater vest. Right now he's on a plane flying across the country to come see me. He didn't know he would be in California when he woke up this morning, his wife planned the whole trip without telling him until they got dropped off at the airport. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I can't wait to have them here. I'm always the one flying back east to visit family so it's a total treat when they come to this coast. Not to mention my brothers pretty great too, there aren't many people I would sleep on the couch for.


SisterDG said...

You are both unbelievably cute in this photo. Hope you have a wonderful visit!

comfies said...

it's so true. you are both adorable.

jennifer said...

yay! i hope we're still on for tonight!