oh that Knittn' Kitten.

I knew Susan and Diane would have some amazing spots to show me in Portland, but the Knittn' Kitten far exceeded my expectations. I mean first of all there's the name, then there was the pink Knittn' Kitten card someone handed me at Church of Craft, and then there was just that look everyone got in there eye when they started talking about the place. Going to the Knittn' Kitten is like being let loose in the attic of your coolest and craftiest great aunt. I didn't walk but five feet in the store when I got sucked into a table full of beads and buttons in bags and loose. Susan showed me the lay of the land and I started to worry I wouldn't have enough time for the whole place, and it's not that big, it's just so packed with juicy things. Vintage patterns and fabric, trim, buttons, beads, ceramic cats, it's a crafters dream.

My favorite find of the day was a zip lock bag containing 20 different squares of fabric that each had a beautiful bird embroidered on it. The stitching is perfect and I wonder about who finished these and what they intended to do with all of them. Make a quilt as Susan suggested? Pillows? I don't know but I love them, and I'm not sure how long it will take for me to actually use them in a project. So I'm scanning them all. I see a whole set of duct tape wallets with each of the 20 birds on them, I can print them on fabric, silk screen their images onto things. Just look at them, aren't they divine? (I suggest clicking on them so you can see them in all their close up glory.)

When I asked, the owner of the Knittn' Kitten said she thought she had found them at a church sale or something, did someone start a project and then tire of it? Or pass away before they could finish?

Diane, found some great brown wool perfect for a making a winter coat.

And Susan dug up this awesome jean jacket pattern, I don't think she ended up buying it-- but one of us probably should have.

Thanks again for the awesome crafty day ladies!!


linda p said...

the birds are beautiful, i especially like the first square. i need to go to portland one of these days!

Christina said...

You do need to visit Portland! It was so hard deciding which birds to post pictures of, I should put them all on flickr, they're great.

molly said...

i saw a bird piece EXACTLY like that this weekend and told rk "t would love this"--and am now trying to get it for you! dang! it'll fit in perfect if i can get it...

SisterDG said...

This is so cool . . . it's like being there all over again. I'm so excited about your score-of-the-century birds! And I'm so glad you got to experience the awesomeness with us.