There have been so many of them lately, good and bad.. in the mail and over the phone. Here are some that have made me happy this week.

Those prints up there were left on my bed by Cathy, after she ended up spending the night on Wednesday. Cathy is one of my favorite people and a dear friend from college. We stayed up talking late into the night, and it made me feel like I was in middle school and we were having a slumber party on a school night. One of my very favorite things is coming home to surprises left for me by someone who spent the night.. in Cathy's case it wasn't of course a romantic little note, but equally as good- these two fabulous prints she made, one with directions to her and her girlfriends place out in the country and an invitation to go out there and use their fancy printing machine, and the other was that great print of a hot air balloon.

Earlier in the week I also got a surprise in the mail from Martha- another old college friend I haven't really been in touch with for a while. Martha is as good as they come in the people department and I know that if I were to see her tomorrow we'd pick up where we left off 9 years ago. After buying a wallet on my Etsy shop she sent me this:

You know, because I'm a fresh Jersey girl. I love it. And I love the little blue suitcase it came in- I have a whole collection of those I can add it to.

And then there is the Sampler. Oh the Sampler. I got my September Sampler a while ago of course, and this month it was just chock full of amazing things. Two of my favorites are the Zombie Escape Plan journal and the My Perfect Man coloring book. The Zombie Escape Plan notebook is full of both blank paper and some printed pages that have useful information for the day when when Zombies come and take over the world. Don't worry. I'll protect you.

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