park it.

Today is Park(ing) Day in the city, where people take over parking spots and turn them into lovely little parks for the day. Near my work there are three spots- two beach themed ones, complete with kiddie pools and life guards and one with a lawn and croquet game going. We sat at the croquet one during lunch. This is a picture of it being set up that I took on my way to work.

And here's a park that was set up in front of Ritual last year.

Doesn't it just make you love this city?


billy girl said...

yes, yes, and yes! Park(ing) day makes me love SF even more! The fake grass is key . . . as well as umbrellas in your tea. Cheers Miss T, here's to traffic free zones, go plant yourself! xobillyg

molly said...

ohmygod! that is SO amazing. i've never heard of this. i wanna do it next year. and do they have to fill the meter all day??

Christina said...

we should do one next year! in theory i do think you have to fill the meter all day- but i doubt you'd get a ticket if you didn't!