home again and almost ten things.

my feet are back on California soil. happy to be home again, not so happy to get back to work tomorrow. as Diane said, i need a vacation after my vacation. i'd only really dipped my toes in the great northwest before, this trip i had a good long soak and i just adore it so. i have lots more to share, but unpacking and getting back to real life needs to happen so i'll post more of my adventures soon.

Diane tagged me for this 'ten things i like about myself' meme. before you read on and think i'm really self-involved, this was a lot harder than you think. go ahead and try it. lucky for me i had lots of time to kill while my flight was delayed in Seattle. here goes...

1. I can easily entertain myself. While I love the good company of my friends, I also like being alone. I can fill my me-time with an endless list of projects and activities to do.

2. I trust my intuition. I can be picky about who I let in to my life, but once I call you a friend I'm faithful and steadfast.

3. I'm punctual. I don't know why but it matters to me, and I'm glad I'm someone that can be trusted to be on time to things.

4. I'm sensitive, maybe overly so at times. But I like to think that my sensitivity makes me keenly aware of other people’s feelings, which in turn makes me considerate and kind.

5. I can be funny and I love making people laugh. I like that about me.

6. I love my crafty side. I'm resourceful and thrifty and I'm endlessly fascinated by handmade things-- art, craft, music- I like that I'm an appreciator and participant!

7. I'm a bouncer-backer (I'm aware that's not a word). Really, nothing gets me down for too long, maybe that comes from my Italian stock, we're tough like that.

8. I'm confident. I don't beat myself up for not looking like the skinny pretty ladies in magazines. I think I'm pretty just the way I am. Sure, I focus on eating right and working out, but I'm also nice to myself and love the way I look. I wish I could bottle that feeling and give it to every woman I know-- 'cause women are so mean to themselves when it comes to body image.

OK, I'm stopping there.. and I'm tagging Molly, Ryan (please let this be what makes you post again!), Jennifer and Danica four fantastic people I know.


comfies said...

i had a dream about you last night! and you were doing something crafty and amazing and generally fantastic. i can't remember specifically what.

good list. on many levels...

SisterDG said...

An excellent list, Christina - thank you for playing meme with me!

billy girl said...

T, I know you through Miss Molly, but also through this most sublime of addictive blogs. The aviation photo makes me want to fly away . . . as we all should occasionally . . . thank you for filling many a spare moment with things that count.