it's been a busy weekend but i was able to hang at molly's studio yesterday for some much needed make time. nothing like crafting for craftings sake. he looks a little funny, but here's a sock bird i made from the book Sock and Glove. this little guy was pretty easy to make, i see a whole flock of them being made as cute little presents for people.

i also made this wristband. i have to say it was molly's genius idea. we have lots of stuff coming molly and i, i swear it. and just maybe if you catch us at a craft fair this winter we'll have a whole lot of these and other pretty things. but for now there's this- it's a prototype and i actually stitched it with molly in mind, but then it was too big for her tiny wrist so now i'm wearing it. the leather's pretty soft and i like how it feels on my wrist. it's not a bad reminder either..


comfies said...

awwwww! the sock bird!!!!!!
(and the wrist band is too good. love the yellow.)

molly said...

i love that you posted these--and i love that you "prototyped" it! that was fun, lets do it again soon!