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There should be a word for seeing things and than feeling the urge to instantly blog about them. That's how I felt when I read this post on Jezebel written about the book you see above. The book, Live Alone and Like It, was originally written in 1936. After reading the write up over at Jezebel I'm eager to buy the reissue.

From the Jezebel site:
Blase points out that not much has changed in 2008: "Magazines such as Brides owe their readership to it, magazines such as Cosmopolitan tacitly, or openly, endorse it and marriage is still sold to young girls as a worthy ambition, particularly the 'good match' of a wealthy marriage." But in general, Hillis seems to have honed in on the ageless truths of being a woman with verve and humor; she has chapters titled "A Lady and Her Liquor," and "Pleasures of a Single Bed." And, in the author's own words, "This book is no brief for living alone. Five out of ten of the people who do so can't help themselves, and at least three of the others are irritatingly selfish. But the chances are that at some time in your life, possibly only now and then between husbands, you will find yourself settling down to a solitary existence... There is a technique to living alone successfully, as there is to doing anything really well."

I especially love the chapter name "A Lady and Her Liquor". And while I don't technically live alone I totally appreciate the sentiment of encouraging young ladies (and men!!) to embrace their single lives and selves and not feel like a failure for being single. I'll totally drink to that.

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