shoes that fly

i'm turning into something of a weekend blogger. which is why this walk to get tea in my new shoes this morning was so much fun. aren't they glorious shoes? they make me smile every time i look down.

a walk to get tea in my new pair of shoes

the shoes are from Helsinki-based designer Minna Parikka whose creations include a whole series of wonderfully winged shoes.


Toast n' Candy said...

Fly little shoes fly!

molly said...

i love them so much! love the shot next to the littl feather! i gotta get me some of those shoes that fly!

comfies said...

what lovely winged feet you have! love these pictures. xo.

my love for you. said...

those are the cutest shoes!
so cute cute cute!

floresita said...

They're adorable!! :)