Margaret Kilgallen

When I first moved to San Francisco almost ten years ago now, I started noticing the art of Margeret Kilgallen around town. I loved her over-sized ladies and the simple lines and colors she used in her pieces. Her art reminded me of old circus signs. I was so sad to hear of her passing in 2001, she remains well loved and acknowledged, especially here in the Bay Area. It's been a slow morning for me with lots of time spent getting lost on the world wide web. I got sucked into a street art tunnel and stumbled across this excerpt from a PBS documentary made about Margaret.

I'm also a fan of Barry Mcgee, who was married to Margaret. I love this clip from Beautiful Losers, which I can't wait to see in its entirety.

The trailer for Beautiful Losers.


molly said...

she's great. so is he. how very sad that he and their daughter lost her to cancer. tragic.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about Margaret. Her friend. colleague, boss, and admirer, Ann Chamberlain died last week, also of breast cancer. Everything that was easy for Margaret was hard for Ann but, oddly, I see bits and pieces of each of them in each other's work.