More baubles for Spring!

i know it's not that exciting, and i do have other stuff to tell you about.. but this seems the most crafty and fitting to put here! Yesterday was spent catching up on some things i needed to do and adding more to my Etsy shop. Jennifer was a great model for the new necklaces I made this weekend and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Carpe Diem earrings by Mark Poulin

Remember Mark from a few posts down (who had one of my wallets from a couple of years ago?), well I saw him again this weekend at the closing of the Hare and the Hounds art show and found out he's a jeweler. We talked about Etsy for a while and I was so excited to check out his shop on there. His jewelry is fantastic! Check out his adorable creations here and here.

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molly said...

wow. jennifer IS a great model! woo-hoo! and isn't mark's stuff great??