and so begins..

..my birthday weekend!!! Well, it will officially begin when Molly meets me for lunch and I don't go back to work for the rest of the day. And you know what, today is Molly's birthday! She's written a sweet little post on her blog (which you should be reading on a daily basis) about getting older and I couldn't agree with it more. Sure, maybe I joke around about getting old and sometimes moan that I've actually been on this earth over 30 years (31 thank you), but you know what-- my life is pretty sweet. And more importantly, I love getting older. Really. The view is waaay better from 31 than it was at 21 or 24 or even 28. So I'll mimic Molly's exuberant declaration and say bring it on -- all of it. But first, I'll have a cupcake and champagne filled weekend. See you all at 31, with a belly full of sugar and a slight headache. xox

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molly said...

Oh, you are so sweet! And I mean that, with or without a cupcake induced coma, T! You know, it's a funny thing, isn't it--looking at the silver lining makes everything go down a little bit easier... and when you get to be MY age (ha!) you can tell me how you feel then, too!