new rules.

Tonight was about new rules. For some reason Kris started saying, "new rule-- what happens in our house stays in our house", it had a cuter phrasing but involves our address, which I’m not posting here. And the new rule thing sort of got stuck in my head. We played about 8 games of pool tonight and I can't say I won one game. Not a one. I used to be kind of OK at pool, back when I was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania my senior year in college. That was a fun year. Half of it in PA the other back in Indiana. There was lots of pool that year. Pool in divey bars like Jean's Stumble In and Dee's and always too much to drink. There were lots of other things too but you're probably not interested and even if you are my life at that time was a little too similar to a soap opera and some things even I know I should keep to myself. So instead I'll tell you that tonight I decided I'm going to get really good at pool this summer. I'm not going to commit to a lot of other things I'm trying to do on a regular basis like eat healthy and work out but I am committing to being good at pool again. At least good enough, back where I was at that year I lived in Pittsburgh. And anytime I feel myself obsessing over things I shouldn't be obsessing over I'm going straight to that little bar around the corner from my house and I'm going to play a game of pool. I'm for real. This summer the one thing I am committing to is becoming good at pool. I want nothing else this summer. Well, really, I want a whole lot of things, but see, I'm trying my best to do what my wise friend Shannon tells me to do all the time and that's just be with things. Just as they are. I need to do more of that. And summer is no time for obsessing or fretting. I'm going to wear lots of dresses and be outside as much as I can and maybe travel a bit, somewhere other than to the East coast and I'm going to be good at pool come August. Good enough so that I can at least match Kris 4-4 in 8 games of pool. Just you wait and see. Kris had the idea of getting a pool table for the house tonight but we figured the only place we could really put it was in the front room, which is part of my room, my studio really-- and while I was sort of taken with this idea at first and told him if he bought the pool table I would totally be willing to offer up my space for it-- I wasn't so into the idea when he said he would be in my room at all hours of the night and morning in his boxers practicing his game. Sure there's a sliding door I could close there. But I'm not willing to sacrifice my crafts for my commitment to becoming a semi-decent pool player. That much I'm certain of.

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