zip lines & drag queens.

Last night was Sarah L's 30th and it reminded me of so many things. So maybe I'm still on the birthday theme here- but you know what, birthdays are wonderful things because people are forced to celebrate you, whether they just sort of think you're alright or know you’re a fucking fantastic human being. Sarah was feeling what we should all feel on our birthday, especially our 30th-- lucky and happy and grateful for all the people in her life. At one point she turned to me, we were at Aunt Charlie's in the tenderloin, which is one of the most fantastic drag queen lounges in the city, she just had a look on her face of total amazement. Her eyes were wide and she said she felt like she had all of these fantastic people rain in on her life and she couldn't believe how lucky she was. The way she phrased it was probably a lot more eloquent, but I knew what she was saying- I recognized the shocked look on her face that you get when you can't believe this is your life and your life is pretty alright and half of what makes it so are the people in it. I'm straddling this fine line for some reason on what I should and shouldn't say here- some things feel too personal. But this belongs here, Sarah and her fabulous birthday full of great old drag queens, my god if you haven't been to Aunt Charlie’s get there for a show as soon as you can, it's quintessential San Francisco. Which is another thing that circled the drain in my mind last night- the old constant pull between east and west that I fear I will be forever burdened with. Forever. Sarah is moving to New York. I feel the constant tug to go back there, I want to be back there. But then there's here, with sweet boys from other places telling me I shouldn't move to the east coast, and besides here is pretty great, in oh so many ways. I want my own jet, so I can fly to dinner at Mom's on Sunday, see the little nephew, and then fly back here for work Monday morning. Up to Portland and Seattle the next weekend. Chicago, Shelter Island and Indiana. I need a zip line to these places. I understand I can't afford a jet, but can someone build me a zip line?

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molly said...

i am ready and willing to invest in a serious, sheltered, speedy zip line!