wine, veggies and the east bay.

I got talked into going to the East Bay last night and I'm so glad I did. Before that I was at Zuni, and you know what? So not impressed. Granted, I hear the roasted chicken is supposed to be amazing, and I just had asparagus soup which was watery and bland. The people I was with had the gnocchi, which was also just so so and the fries, which were too dry and thin and a fava bean dish, which looked the best. My margarita was fantastic though. I guess I should go back and give it a try for an actual meal, not just munchies. Koda and Sarah made this amazing lavish bread pizza when we got to the East Bay, and I didn't write the piece I was supposed to write for SFist. Oops.. guess what I'm doing tonight? Here are some pics from my sweet night in the East Bay.

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