more pretty stuff.

not to go on about my birthday, but look at this oh so pretty cd case that chip and koko made me. there was also a great cd inside, that i've been listening to over and over. i wanted to share the track list here, but they didn't write it down (ahem) so you'll just have to trust me on this one.

Shannon's Cannon                                Touriste
Upon this tidal wave of young blood             clap your hands
Decoder ring                                    pufferfish
Mona lisa                                       Michael hurley
God will dry my weeping eyes            Horace family
The great salt lake                             band of horses
Blonde on blonde                                nada surf
The warning                                     hot chip
Louisiana                                       the walkmen
Take a look                                     irma Thomas
Home(na├»ve melody)                              talking heads
Romulus                                 sufjan stevens
Loro                                            pinback
Dashboard                                       modest mouse
Keep the car running                            the arcade fire
This is how I lay                               palisades
Wordless chorus                         my morning jacket
People                                          el perro del mar
Song of praise for makemo                       unidentified tuamotu singers

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molly said...

funny that you put a track list on today--cuz i almost did a "soundtrack of my life" track list..you know, just what came on that day but fit perfectly.