i'm getting old.

ok, me saying i'm getting old is like all of my skinny ass friends saying they're fat. But you know your body changes the older you get and the deeper you get into your 30's the more you notice things. ok, so I'm only going to be 31, boo fucking hoo, i know.. but my body is changing. i feel like my hair is getting thinner and i have the slightest few hairs on my lip that i never ever had before. i know, i have friends that wax and bleach their shit and i've always smiled smuggly thinking how lucky i was i didn't need to deal with that nonsense... fuck. all of a sudden i have this sinking feeling like i need to find a mate and make babies and convince someone to spend the rest of their life with me before i get REALLY old and saggy. Shit, i just blew all my chances didn't i?

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molly said...

Funny, cuz this year, i've decided: I'm getting young! Screw this gettin' old thing, I'm going out like it's 1999 (and, looking back, it seems i was pretty young that year...) Happy Birthday to us!