artists i adore.

I had this idea for a theme week on here. I wanted to start on Sunday night, but I can't even believe how busy I've been the last several days. So I'm just starting this now. My next few posts I'll be sharing some artists whose work I love. Maybe you've already heard of them, maybe not.

I interviewed Lisa Congdon for SFist, in December, back when she organized the art auction for the Kim family. My friend turned me onto Lisa's blog, and it's one of my favorite reads. She's a good writer, always has beautiful photos to accompany her posts and I never click away from her blog without feeling a wee bit more inspired than I was before I started reading. It's also just fun to see what new stuff she's working on. From the little e-mailing I've done with her and from reading her blog and seeing the generous work she did for the Kim Family, she seems like not only an amazing artist, but a fantastic person as well. Of course she lives and works in the Bay Area! Lisa Congdon recently had an art show in Portland at Reform School, and I think that some of those pieces are still available, she has them all listed on her flickr page. Here are a few of her pieces I just love. Hopefully I'll have one of her beautiful creations on my wall soon.

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I love these pieces!