one hunderd and one posts!

I wanted to do something special for my 100th(!) post. But it ended up being the little RIP I did below for Anna Nicole Smith, I don’t care what you thought of her, that’s some sad shit.

Anyway, I had this plan to make a list of the best searches that led people to my blog, but as I was looking them up I realized site meter only gives me the most recent 5 pages of hits. Damn, from here on out I vow to write the good ones down. Below are ones that were in those last five pages and a few I just couldn’t forget. Enjoy.

Best searches that led people to my blog:

bought me a dildo
what happened to sam
cupcakes just out of the oven
bought a stolen tv
the maggots in the eye of love won't collate
bought stolen phone
should I date an ex-con
night madness

The best (and only) angry comments (complete with typos) left on a post I wrote, my response & then JJ’s:

Anonymous said...
doesnt sound good, if he doesnt date girls who drink and he is long time sober himself, what could he possibly want from/with you as yoy stand there in front of him wasted? and then call him wasted? are you cute/smart/interesting enough for him to be really into you beyond his convictions? cmon..
11:01 PM
Anonymous said...
c'mon what do you have to offer this dude??
2:22 AM
t. said...
First off, I took the quotes out. JJ you know that wasn't directed towards you. And second, well yeah, I do kind of think I am cute/smart/interesting enough. I mean I'm not drunk all the time and it's entirely possible for a person who doesn't drink to date one who does. But I hear you anonymous.
2:23 AM
jj said...
eewww dude... well at least it's not awkward for you to go to your neighborhood bar...
hey anonymous-- chillax! some of us don't demand our romantic partners to hold ALL the same convictions that we ourselves do. for example, i'm a strict vegan (have been for many years) while my fiance is whatever the the total opposite of that is... seriously-- bacon wrapped hot dogs all day long. but we make it work...
i guess the sober thing is diffferent though... but why do you assume she's looking for a life partner anyway? something tells me settling down with a sober guy is just as much against her convictions as settling down with a drinker is for him... but a roll in the hay? now that's a different story. ;)

And here’s the sweetest comment ever left on a post I wrote, which just happened to be yesterday:

Melissa said...
I've just been reading your blog for a week or two, referred here by one of the many craft blogs I follow. This post really moved me, and I wanted to thank you for sharing yourself. Your post makes me believe you are like that--calm and kind and willing to talk to a clumsy girl on the street so she doesn't feel like a complete ass. You made MY day!
7:40 PM

And that’s the end of my self-congratulatory post. I’m glad I made it to 101 posts. Can’t wait to hit 500.


mewabe said...

woooooo-hooooo one hundred and one!!!

Cathy said...

Happy 101, your blog rocks, can't wait to be back in the bay area and hanging out with you in person

natalie said...

ok this is totally late. i tried to do this on the day it happend but i got a wierd comment error.
anyway, CONGRATS!!!!!!! love your blog.