I want one.

Listening to a story on designer dogs tonight reminded me of when I was in Philly, visiting Cathy and Aurora. They're neighbor was walking around with what I thought was a stuffed animal at first, but turned out to be a tiny little Yorkie-Poo. I picked him up and he was the sweetest little thing ever. I think designer dogs are kind of silly, but in an alternate universe I'd have a Yorkie-Poo.

photo from Curtis Perry's flickr page.


caroline said...

can you tell me what breed this is? is it yorkie x with poodle? its so cute!
Love your blog BTW
Caroline. x

Adoken said...

T, you'll always be my yorkie-poo.

t. said...

Thanks Caroline! It is indeed a Yorkie crossed with a poodle. I think these are puppies, but they don't get much bigger than that.