where does the good go?

This is a casualty of Grey's Anatomy. I've had this song in my head since Saturday morning. And I kind of like it. I downloaded it off of itunes, and when I finally did get out of bed on Saturday after watching almost 5 hours of that damn show, I burned a CD and this was the first song on it, I hit repeat a lot. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I don’t really know who Tegan & Sara are except that I've seen a lot of reviews about them, and I'm sure Pitchfork has a lot of snarky things to say about them. But I like this song. Mostly because that damn line has been ringing through my head for over 24 hours, the one that goes-- 'look me in the eye and tell me you don't find me attractive'. And what a great name for a song, 'cause really, where does the Good go? I'm not being cheesy, that's the name of the song. I am a little confused about Tegan & Sara though, are they twins? Or the same person?

Don't even try to tell me that you haven't wanted to say that to someone before.


mewannabe said...

wait a sec, ARE they the same person? am i watching a double screen? what up here?
--great song thou, right?

jj said...

they are twins.

t. said...

Thanks JJ, I kind of figured. xo t