art on the pavement.

For lack of anything interesting to post I did a search on flickr for 'san francisco graffiti' which led to 'san francisco street art', the stuff I liked best is below. Oh, and if for some crazy reason you live in SF and you've never walked down Clarion Alley, I suggest you put it on your list of things to do this weekend.

Back when I was dating someone very into graffiti, I tried to figure out what I liked as he would point out who was who while we walked around the mission or show me magazines full of freight trains covered in the stuff. I always liked the girls the best, my favorite was always Swoon, and I remember how excited he was to show me her stuff when he started seeing it around the mission, a total treat since she lives in NY. I love her paper cut outs glued to walls and I love how they warp over time and then mostly disappear. That's one of her pieces up there, it wasn't in SF as far as I know, but damn isn't it beautiful?

Miss Van is another one of my favorite female graffiti artists, I love her ladies, this one is on Fillmore street near Upper Playground.

I love Sirron Norris and his creepy bubbly creatures. My favorite part of his mural at Jay's is that big purple house, so cartoon like but such a great representation of an SF house.

And here are some more favorites:

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