future me.

I've never heard of this before, but what a brillant idea. This website lets you send e-mails to your future self. You pick the date when your future self will receive the e-mail you write and the folks behind the site make sure it's sent. I just heard the creator on npr (of course) reminds me of Post Secret, without the juicy heartbreaking part. Well, some of these are sort of heartbreaking, like the guy who has Alzheimer's and is sending his future self e-mails in the hopes of remembering his life. Of course they've got a book coming out, due out this fall. Some of the e-mails on the site are public and you can read through them, here's a couple:

Dear FutureMe,
still working on the project?
get back to work.
yours truly.
(written Wed Jun 14, 2006, to be delivered Thu Jun 14, 2007)

Dear me,
Holy shit. I can't believe you haven't died yet. Good work. Well, it looks like you're well over your thirties now.
I hope to god you're married and have figured out your job. Maybe it will be with Nicole Petty. I also hope you remember who Nicole Petty is and also, that you are still very good friends with her.
That's basically it. Congratulations on not dying.
(written Wed May 31, 2006, to be delivered Fri Sep 14, 2018)

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