Truth is, I've never really followed a pattern. I always end up altering or not following instructions. This is especially true of clothing patterns, I am totally intimated by the many pieces of brown tissue paper that make up patterns. They confuse me, and once they're all out on the floor it just feels like one big puzzle I'll never figure out. But old pattern covers, I love the looks of them. If I had any more room to collect stuff, old patterns would be at the top of my list.


jj said...

i love them too!

molly said...

you got me thinking about these, and there are two tons of them down at community thrift. i wanna figure out a way to do something with them! youuuuuu, you always get me thinkin!

Christina said...

oh! i want some!! don't know where i'll put them or what all i'll do with them but i think i just need them. thanks for the tip!