this was a long time ago.

But I thought you would get a kick out of it anyway. Why not offer myself up for ridicule? I no longer have that shirt, I no longer listen to 'the dead', and yes- I am both amused and embarrassed by my hippie phase that happened in the 90's. If it makes me seem any cooler, before I started going to grateful dead shows and wearing bad clothes, I was a head banger (well, Ok it was hair metal I liked). I had a Ratt poster above my bed and a yellow leather fringe jacket and white leather boots, that are scarily back in style now. And no, I don't look anything like that anymore. I swear. That's a picture of my Dad and I in Colorado, we took a week long pack trip on horses with my city aunt Maureen. It was good times. And my Dad pretty much looks the same. Interesting Dad fact; he's a stock broker in Jersey who only owns cowboy boots. Swear to god. He has like 30 pairs.


jj said...

WOW!!! that shirt is amazing!!!

molly said...

um, i have photos that look exactly the same.
except without the cowboy dad.
or the trees in the background.
so, just me, in that shirt, with that bandana, and that long hair.... yup. exactly.