My boots, my lovely lady boots.

So a lot of people asked to see pictures of the boots I mentioned in my SFist post yesterday. These are the free boots that my dear friend Heidi gave me this weekend, for no good reason other than she's a nice person. When I got home that night (slightly buzzed, but obviously still able to operate my sewing machine) I was so excited at the prospect of having big black boots I got right to work on altering them. First I found an old skirt in my closet I never wear anymore, the skirt is black and has a slight stretch to it, which I thought would work out perfect in case the piece I sewed into the boot wasn't big enough. I literally took a pair of scissors and cut right down the side of the boots. This pair had cute little decorative stitching, so I just followed one of those lines and cut away. Then I cut what I thought looked like the right size to extend the boot to fit my big calves and ran it through my sewing machine, which was slightly tricky, but with some maneuvering worked just fine. I used the zig zag stitch which looks cute and also ensures a better hold. I actually used navy thread, not sure why, maybe my drunk eyes thought it was black? No matter, it looks pretty fine anyway. So here are the pictures. I thought they were a little dark so I hit equalize in Photoshop and they turned into what you now see.

I think they could use a little scuffing up to get rid of that extra shine, but I'm sure that will come. I have a bad habit of destroying shoes pretty quickly.
My tiny calved co-worker had on a pair of boots today that she had altered to fit her. This looks like it can also be done at home, it looks to me like you cut down the boot, take out some fabric and fold over. Here's a picture of her boots.

Either way, rest assured that even if you don't feel like doing this you can get boots stretched or stitched or altered to fit your too big or too tiny calves.

Thanks to Johanna for letting me take a picture of her boots (and her leg isn't that white, that's the flash). And thanks Nancy for the boot photo shoot!

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jj said...

so little-calved girls don't have all the fun? well, at least not the "these boots are lovely and i will get them without even having to consider whether or not they will fit, because boots are shoes that cover feet and legs, and i have feet and legs, therefore if they are my size they will fit me of course" kind of fun.

that's reassuring.