my new 70's curtains.

Besides it being a beautiful weekend weather-wise, I got a ton of projects done I've been meaning to work on for a while. One of those was finishing off the curtains in my living room. I had bought blue curtains at Target a month or so ago (I know, I should have just made them at home) but when I brought them home they were too short for my long narrow windows. I finally got to the fabric store this weekend, and lucky for me the Mission Fabric Outlet was having a huge sale (although I think they always are). So for $3 a yard (and I only needed two yards) I finished off my curtains and made a pillow to match! And the best thing of all, besides giving my living room a much needed homey feel, is that they match that gold 70's chair Jesse left behind when he moved to New York. Come to think of it, I was with Rebecca when I bought the fabric on Saturday (and it was soo good finally getting some of her time). Rebecca, Jesse and I all lived together at one point not long ago, and as far as people and roommates go the three of us were a perfect combination. Modest Jesse would walk around in his boxers to the shock of Rebecca and I, and when we weren't all busy with our separate lives we would occasionally sit in the living room or kitchen together drinking beer, listening to Rebecca quiz us on human anatomy and reading up on the differences between a causal drinker and an alcoholic. Those were good days.
So here are some pictures of the curtains, and Jack enjoying them. I know the print is a little intense, but it's a plain room so it can take the color jolt and when they're pulled back it's a more mellow.

Finished and hung:

A friend for Jesse's gold chair:

Jack enjoying the new living room:


echopark said...

I LOVE these curtains!! I'm going to make some myself for my living room...thanks for the directions!!

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