plush typewriters.

I finally saw the Science of Sleep last night and I'm in love with it. I wanted to hit play and watch it again as soon as it ended. That Michel Gondry is some sort of genius. I was taken with the art of Lauri Faggioni, whose fantastic fabric creations completely made the movie for me (well that and a million other things). I'm actually a little obsessed with her right now. Especially after watching the little featurette of her on the dvd (which I'm so glad JJ insisted we watch) it's wonderful hearing her talk about all of her crazy creations and her friendship with Gondry. Faggioni also directs and is learning animation. She directed that Devendra video above, and I read she's working on some undersea animation right now which I can't wait to see more of. I'm totally inspired to work on crafts today, even though I should be working on a present for my dad's 60th. I wonder if he would like a plush typewriter with buttons for keys like the one in the Science of Sleep. Doubtful. But I so want one of those.


jj said...

so good!

stringbeanjean said...

hello there, nice to meet you.

i saw a show last year by this wonderful crafty lady and i thought you might like her.