blogging about blogging

There should be a word for it, that feeling you get when you're out in the world watching or listening to something and all you can think about is how you can't wait to write about it on your blog. It's not like you're not enjoying the moment/conversation/show it's just that you can't wait to open up your big mouth and tell everyone you know how unbelievably great the thing is. This happens with Molly and I sometimes, we'll be out somewhere, excited about something and turn to each other and say- "I was going to blog about this, were you?" So what's the word? There's got to be a word for it.

That comic up there was taken from the blog Shannon Wheeler is keeping on Powell's website right now. Don't ask me why I was trolling around on their site 'cause I absolutely won't tell you. Shannon writes the comic strip Too Much Coffee Man, which you may have seen around before. You can read his personal blog here.

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molly said...

oh, t, i was JUST thinking this thought this morning...i had 2 or 3 ideas that came to my while we were watching a movie and i thought, 'ohyeah, i wanna blog about that...' SO funny. it does happen to us ALL the time! there but for the grace of blogs...