this is for Shannon.

Shannon is the third friend of mine that New York is stealing this summer. It goes in waves like that, where all of a sudden New York just up and decides to take some of San Francisco's finest.. It's an unfair fight and New York always wins. I don't blame them for leaving and being from the east coast myself I always understand. But I let myself be sad that these friends won't be in my day to day anymore. I don't know if Shannon knows how great I think she is, but I can tell you she's pretty fantastic. I met Shannon when I was living on dirty Shotwell street about seven years ago. Someone told her I wrote too and so we started talking, she was so immediatley open and kind and we became friends instantly. A few years back Shannon decided to start doing comics and the first project she did got published. She's one of those people that always seems to attract other amazing people. She's a doer that Shannon and I like me someone that does. She's got a big world waiting for her in New York and I have no doubt she's gonna thrive there and create some wonderful things. I'll miss her, but I'm thrilled for her too. Look out for her comics, her stories, and her wonderfully big heart.

These illustrations are from a mini-comic Shannon did called For You, which will one day be a small part of a bigger project she's working on called Crimes Against Shannon. If you want to see more of her comics go buy her book, Pet Noir.

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