a sea of books.

I woke up with a belly ache from laughing so hard last night. The four of us ate at a new tapas place on Alberta street called Lolo's. Do you like how I write that as if I knew Alberta street even existed two days ago? It was good, tiny plates so we got lots of them. Everything was funny to us for some reason and by the end of the meal I'm certain the waitress was tired of us. But we enjoyed ourselves.

Today Ron drove me through many different neighborhoods in Portland. We ended up downtown, walked around, met Jordan for lunch and spent a long time in Powell's. You know when you hear so much about a place and you go there and it doesn't really live up tp your expectations? This was so not the case for Powell's. I have heard so much for so long and I still couldn't get over how amazing it was. If I didn't have a map I surely would have gotten lost. At one point my legs started to feel all light and I really felt like this place was something like what I imagine my heaven to be. Oh my goodness. I love how they have old used books mixed in with all the new. It took all I had in me not to buy a beautiful pattern book from 1963, I'm certain I never would have really used it but I just wanted it so darn bad.

Outside of Powell's is this colum of concrete books, Ron told me the story of how this man wanted to be buried in Powell's but it wasn't allowed so they built this column and put his ashes in it. He said that if you rub the column you'll never read a bad book again in your life. Of course I rubbed it.

Tomorrow is my crafty tour of Portland with Susan and Diane... I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

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molly said...

i love allllll of it. but, i especially loved the mans ashes in the urn of books and the writing on there and the MM, of course.