the coast and a bbq.

My big Portland crafty post may have to wait until I get back to SF-- but in the mean time you can read an awesome recap of our day on Diane's blog. She lists all the places we went and has some great photos.

Yesterday Ron took me to the coast, and it was a perfect day to go since it got into the 90's here in Portland. Pacific City is this beautiful little ocean town you hit after driving through the mountains for about two hours. It was so bizarre to me that we could be in the high mountains one moment and than come upon this flat sandy expanse the next. And i still can't get over the fact that people can just drive their cars right onto the beach here. We watched someone get stuck in the sand twice.

We picked up some fresh, astoundingly cheap fish on the coast and had a nice bbq when we got back to the very hot and sticky Portland. Jordan and Ron have a beautiful fig tree in their backyard and I wanted to make something with figs that Jordan would like, since she says she hates them. So I stuffed these figs with blue cheese, wrapped them in bacon and soaked it all in a little balsamic vinegar. I wanted to take a picture when they came off the grill, but it was dark and they went fast.

A scene from the bbq. Look at that moon! I swear it's been full the whole time I've been here.


molly said...

yeah! jordon and ron!

Adoken said...

i am so jealous. my heart is there.

comfies said...

it's a magic moon.