Crafty Northwest!

I'm heading to Portland today and am just thrilled to check out that crafty city and visit with some old and new friends. Susan and Diane are taking me on their now famous crafty Portland tour and I'm lucky enough to be there for Church of Craft tomorrow! After Portland I'm headed to Seattle for work and more play with some dear old friends. I plan on blogging during my travels, so stay tuned!

Here are some pictures from last weekend I've been meaning to post.

When Susan came to visit she brought me this awesome necklace she made.

At my craft fair I bought this sweet doll named Carson handmade by Hilary of Hilary's Dolls. Her stuff is a-ma-z-i-ng and I adore Carson, look how cute his backside is too.

That cute little owl is from another one of my favorite vendors at the fair, Kate Durkin.

And here's a plate someone drew on at the Daniel Johnston show I went to on Wednesday.

Time to pack...

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comfies said...

i can't WAIT to read all your posts while you travel...