it's my house. .

i received the most amazing gift this weekend. janice had kept telling me she had a very late birthday present for me and when i went to see her at the Modern Times craft fair this weekend i finally got it. she makes these wonderful journals out of old books. wonderful for so many reasons-- for the great covers she finds, or what she silk screens on them and how she binds them up again packed with a delightful assortment of recycled paper. I've always wanted one. and I kind of can't get over how perfect it is.
Just look. . .

such attention to detail.. the inside covers are maps of New Jersey. look you can see where i was born and where i grew up.

as i was flipping through it i found this bus transfer - it's my birthday. .

and i mean, it's a book called the House of Christina. Janice said it was a romance novel. as much as i would have loved to have seen the text i'm glad she gutted it and filled it up with blank pages for me to fill up again. janice sells these fantastic journals at Modern Times, so you can have one too. just not this one, this one's all mine.

thanks Janice!!


jennifer said...

what an awesome gift!

molly said...

holy smokes, T! that is the best gift i've ever seen! maybe that's where your great american novel goes...start writing!

laina said...

i'm coming out of hiding to say that this is the coolest thing i've ever seen.