a softer world.

some things you want to keep like a secret. for a little while at least. so i haven't told you about A Softer World, partly because i wasn't sure how i felt about it and partly because i think i wanted it to be mine for a little bit, even though it was Rana who showed me it and it being on the big internets it could never really be all mine. A Softer World is a comic that happens once a week, one person takes photos and the other writes the words that go along. i like what i've read from the people that create it, i like the idea of it- and i think maybe you will too. i especially like their most recent 'comic' which is the one above, which i really hope they don't mind me re-posting here 'cause i'm too lazy to ask permission right now. anyway, it's worth some of your time and i suggest signing up for their emails, they don't happen often but when they do i promise you'll be pleased.

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mewannabe said...

this is beautiful. not to mention the title. the conept tho, is so...heart-wrenching.