I know I seem to be having theme weeks around here. And yes, I'm going to link to another SFist post. This one is all about making softies. That's Jack, the baddest little kitty in the world, with what was supposed to be the frosting for my first softie, but turned into a cat toy. I'm eager to try my hand at more softie making, but of course I have a two day craft fair coming up next Friday and guess how much stock I have made..zero. Good thing I went out to dinner tonight and now I don't feel like doing anything but reading. I guess part of me likes the torture of having to stay up five nights in a row until three in the morning cranking out duct tape wallets. I become my own little sweat shop with blistered hands, no breaks and no contact with the outside world.

Molly and I went to the new Bi-Rite Creamery (I have such a hard time with that word) tonight and I just loved it. I felt like a little kid, with all these adult flavors to try. We both settled on a single scoop of the salted carmel and Ritual coffee toffe. And yes they use coffee from Ritual, down on Valencia street- what a sweet little marriage of local businesses, I can barely stand it. Go there. Even on a cold (shut up New Yorkers) night like tonight, the fresh ice cream was a total treat. I can only imagine how sweet it will be in the summer on hot (shut up New Yorkers) days, when you can buy a cone and then eat it in Dolores Park.

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mewannabe said...

you rock, dude.