What happened to you Top Chef?

I try not to post about TV shows I watch, I'm not really sure that it's all that interesting and really, I like some pretty trashy TV I don't want you to know about. But I can't go to bed tonight without venting about part one of the season finale of Top Chef- if you didn't see the show tonight stop reading, spoiler to come. First off I have to say that I fucking hate Kenmore, I hate the words "Kenmore Kitchen" together and I think I will forever recoil at the site of a fucking Kenmore stove. I mean did they have to bring the goddamn Kenmore Kitchen to Hawaii?? Don't they have enough product shots in the intro of the show and every other commercial? I thought the Kraft thing was bad, but nothing compares to how much they are plugging Kenmore. The Amateur Gourmet posted a great blurb on the shameless ad placement in Top Chef, and even though I noticed the product placement last season, there's something about this seasons plugs that seem so over the top. Enough about that. Really I just wanted to bitch about how I can't believe they kicked Sam off. Besides being a fine, fine, specimen to watch, he was composed in the kitchen, modest, professional and kind. And he cooked some great looking food (OK, except for that watermelon blue cheese shit). Didn't Tom Colicchio go on and on last season about how character was important in the kitchen? Being a leader and all that? I blame Colicchio for Sam's departure tonight- he had to pull out the "he didn't cook any of his dishes, this is a cooking competition." You could see the judge’s faces change from 'Sam' to 'No Sam' in a matter of seconds. It was like he pulled some Jedi mind trick on them all, and Padma was ready to fight, I could see it in her, but Colicchio used that gaze of his to shut her up. Damn him. Just for that I'm not stepping foot in his restaurant here (OK, I probably will, I'm just trying to sound extreme). So we're left with two little whiney boys. Honestly I don't care who wins, although it would be really great to see Marcel do another one of his embarrassing raps.

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