Oh Mary Kay.

As I reported from TNNA, there was a Mary Kay convention going on at the same time as the needle arts trade show. I think I've talked enough about Mary Kay, although I'm really sad I didn't get to be made over by one of them at the show. One girl I met at TNNA was lucky enough to get a surprise make over. As she was putting on makeup for a photo shoot a Mary Kay lady popped out of a bathroom stall, with cosmetic case in tow and gave her a make over right there in the bathroom. Why couldn't that happen to me?

Here's a picture of Mary Kay, it was great fun to see pictures of all of the sales reps from around the country, they all looked so... made up. I don't doubt that Mary Kay was a looker in her day (OK, I'm just saying that because I fear I've made fun of the whole thing too much and all those ladies are going to come after me and hit me with their pink luggage), does anyone else think it's a little disturbing that she doesn't really look alive in this photo? Kind of like they propped her up and did a number on her face? Maybe that's just me.

And here is the great mystery of the event, the Mary Kay First Aid room. It was enormous, had wheel chairs at the ready and curtains blocking of sections. Ummm. What exactly did those ladies have to do for their leadership conference? One can only imagine.


Cathy M. Ellis said...

I love this photo

Natalie said...

i'm so glad you got a photo of this sign! i totally forgot and was trying to explain it to one of my friends. still laughing over it all!

FranBest.Com said...

There are so many conflicting views of MK it's hard to sort out.

There's a debate raging at franchisepick.com: Is Mary Kay a cult?

Your input is invited as you seem to have experience and perspective in this area. Thanks.