live from TNNA....

I'm live blogging at TNNA. I don't think I've ever done this before. It feels a little funny. Or like I'm more important than I am. Like all those bloggers at politcal conventions during elections. OK, cut me some slack, I've been in a convention center for almost 7 hours now without seeing daylight. One more day left. It's been fun, lots of yarn. I'm knitting a scarf. I know, thrilling. But I'm meeting lots of great people and last night we had a really nice time with the ladies from Craft Magazine. And today I finally met Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching fame, who is incredibly sweet and modest. But really, the very best part is that in the same convention center that TNNA is in there's a Mary Kay leadership conference going on. I kid you not. As soon as I get back I'll post lots of pictures. Our first night here we saw about 5 brand new opal colored (with a fine pink sheen) cars, just parked out front- waiting for some lucky Mary Kay ladies to win them. I've been dying to sneak in to their conference, but they know their kind and if we even get too close they shoo us away. Where is my black suit and pink luggage when I need it?

San Diego is lovely, this morning Nancy and I had some time before the convention to walk around a bit and sit in the sun while we drank our coffee. It's cold here though! Sure, no freeze warning like SF right now, but chilly for San Diego. Happy day off tomorrow if you have off, I'll be here, under the flourscent lights. Finishing my scarf.

In case your wondering, that's Mary Kaye herself up there. Stunning isn't she?

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Natalie said...

I love the frosty glow around the photo of Mary Kay. I hope you finished your scarf by now. I'm blogging now too. :)