TNNA here I come.

No that's not T&A, dirt ball. Bright and early tomorrow I'm heading off to San Diego for The National Needle Arts trade show. After lots of jokes of moth balls and grannies from my co-workers, I'm actually pretty excited to head down there and be amongst so many crafty things. After all I didn't make it to the two craft-y nights I planned on going to this week. So I'm ready for four days of non-stop needle arts talk and sights. I think. I'll report back with loads of pictures and stories. Yeah, that's how I'm spending my long week-end. I know you're jealous.

I stole that picture from flickr (can you steal from flickr? or is it sort of once it's out there, it's out there?) anyway it's from KnittingLizzie's page. She had tons of photos from TNNA.

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knittinglizzie said...

I'm jealous! You are going to really enjoy TNNA. It is a lot of fun! Tell the TSC people I said hi!

Have fun!!!!