softies and sunday.

After a week of being sick, I had a fantastically full weekend. Saturday night was Richard's birthday and I spent most of that day at home, making my first ever softie. Softies are just soft toys, but people often make softies of inanimate objects and give them faces and cute expressions. Jennifer told me she's seen a toilet paper roll softie, which sounds adorable. Flickr has a great gallery of softies if you want to see more than my very amateur one here. Richard loved how homemade my cupcake (yes, that's supposed to be a cupcake) looked, and I guess I can take that as a compliment. Either way, he loved the thing and when he wasn't pretending to eat it, he walked around with it in his pocket all night. He just turned 27, but he said he was going to put it next to his favorite marble on his shelf at home. It was pretty cute.

Yesterday was probably one of the longest Sunday's I've ever had. You know that Rilo Kiley song, I forget the name, but it's all about a great long day, and there's a line in it that goes now some days, they last longer than others, but this day by the lake went to fast that's the sound track that should have been playing all day yesterday. I was with some great friends, we ate brunch at the lovely Greens (where Koda works and we got to sample every fabulous dessert on the menu that she made), spent some time on a beautiful SF roof top, where the photo above was taken, drank at the very snooty (but kind of fun for the same reason) Bourbon & Branch and later ended up at Amnesia, where we saw The Blue Roots play. Roger had a master plan to get us all there at the end of the night, and I'm so glad I went, I haven't seen a band make everyone get up and dance like that in a while.


mewannabe said...

i just wrote you this funny, sweet, and sassy comment...and then i pressed the wrong button & damn if it didn't all disappear. shit.

oh, but the softies are way cute and im so glad you made them!

Jean said...

Will you make one for Mattie? She loves to kill soft toys.