my new scarf.

Remember when I lost my scarf? Well I finally got around to making another one. That's it there. It's not as bright and cheery as the first one was and it's a lot thinner than I had intended, but I made it and it sort of reminds me of the scarf I lost and so I like it.

I'm determined to crochet and since I've been sick most of this week I've been spending lots of time not drinking at home, which allows for a lot of crafting. Last night I found this great site called next stitch, which has free videos that walk you through each step. I learn much better watching someone do something than reading about it and it's great because you can play the videos over and over, where as if a real person is teaching you they might get a little frustrated if you kept asking the same question. Cecily Keim tried teaching me how to crochet at TNNA, but I needed a lot of practice just chaining and I kept holding the crochet hook as if I were knitting. She would have been proud to see all the chains I made last night! Her book is one I still want to get though, it teaches you how to crochet with pictures for every step of the way. Maybe one day soon (or years from now) I'll be crocheting like Cecily!

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that our cupcakes made it to one of my very favorite cupcake blogs! It was posted early in the week, so you have to scroll down a bit to see Nekoda's bacon and egg cupcake and the picture of the whole batch we made. It's thrilling to see those babies up there where they belong with all those other beautiful cupcakes.

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Toast n Candy said...

OMG - I love this site! Yay for crochet!