the cupcake post.

While I'm really happy with my cupcake piece on SFist, there just wasn't enough room to include the whole story. So here's more on my cupcake day, with all the pictures I didn't have room for on SFist. First off there's no way these cupcakes would have come out as perfect as they did if it weren't for Koda and her baking expertise. When I told her I was planning on making cupcakes (but didn't even have muffin tins) she let me borrow everything from her Kitchen-Aid to these amazing icing tips.

I planned on just doing some creative stuff with the icing for decorations, but Koda suggested I buy marzipan and make little sculptures of the things I was thinking of decorating the cupcakes with. Suddenly I got more excited, and so did Koda, it was her day off and she offered to come over and bake with me. Lucky me. Here's Koda playing with some marzipan.

Naked cupcakes just out of the oven, aren't they cute?

The first batch of icing, which was a little too thin, but actually ended up drying nicely.

Koda, showing me how to pipe a rose.

And now for the close up shots. The most fun of all of this was making stuff out of marzipan, once you work the food coloring in it really is just like play-doh. As you can see we went a little crazy with the marzipan, but it was just so much fun. Don't think I didn't take a moment to realize how crazy I was in the morning, when I took some of these close up shots to get the right light, and I was almost late to work because of it. I was just so darn proud of our handy work.

Next up, vegan cupcakes for JJ. Don't worry. I won't post about cupcakes again for a while. Well, maybe just a picture of how the vegan ones turn out...

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